The hinterland offers many opportunities to visit fascinating places and rich in history and culture. A few kilometers away you can find medieval villages, museums and characteristic spots of Romagna, rich in history.


It is the city's most historically important of the Romagna, and it was in Ravenna that he was deposed the last roman emperor.
Among its artistic heritage 8 monuments are part of the list of World Heritage of UNESCO, between the beautiful basilicas and ancient mausoleums. Among the things not to miss we would also recommend a visit to the tomb of Dante Alighieri and Ravenna lived the last years of his life. The monument is located at the basilica of San Francesco in the centre of the city.

San Leo

A village located on a spur of rock in the marecchia valley in romagna a in the first place from the Fort that rises above the village. Born as an old military fortress is today home of the museum of San Leo and the charming balcony on the whole of the Valmarecchiawhere you can admire the natural beauty of the valley. Other places of interest to visit are the bell tower and the Cathedral, full of old world charm.


Who doesn't remember Paolo and Francesca? Gradara is situated not far from the sea, in a beautiful hilly landscape: with its village and its Castle was the backdrop to one of the most romantic and troubled love stories, that of Paolo and Francesca, in fact, narrated by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy. During the course of the year, the country tasforma in suggestive palconescenici for many events, including the Magic Castle during the summer period.

San Marino

Independent state located on Mount Titano and is considered the oldest Republic in the world. Since 2008, the San Marino historic centre and Mount Titano have been included by UNESCO among the heritages of humanity. In addition to the history and ancient monuments that you can visit, San Marino is also famous for shopping, thanks to the many outlets, malls and botteheghe craft.

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